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Session Information

Newborn Portrait Photographer – Tulsa, OK

General Information

Newborn Photography Sessions are such an important and precious milestone and we adore working with these sweet little bundles of cuteness! Newborn sessions are created when baby is between 5 to 10 days old.  We schedule based on the estimated due date given by your doctor. Of course, as babies often arrive on their own schedule, we’ll adjust that date as needed. These sessions are scheduled for a 3-4 hour appointment at our studio to provide plenty of time for comforting, feeding, and often times…clean up! Newborn safety is our utmost priority and photographer, Rachel Williams, always works with her hands-on assistant.  We have a variety of props, hats, headbands, outfits, and blankets here at the studio for your session. Be sure to schedule your required pre-session consultation several weeks prior to your due date as we do book in advance. Most importantly, congratulations on your upcoming new addition!


Plan and Design

Let’s schedule your consultation! Not only is this a great time to meet one another, the pre-session consultation will also allow us to design your newborn’s session: choosing colors, styles and props and set potential session dates based on your due date.  During this time, we will share tips to prepare for your session and go over detailed portrait pricing and product options.


Session Fee

Newborn Session Fee Options


**Session Fees are Creation Fees. The session fee covers the design and session time and is allocated towards assistants/supply of props/backgrounds/equipment/studio location/etc. ) Portraits and Products are purchased in addition.**

1. Full Newborn Session Fee

Our Full Newborn Session fee is $285 + tax which includes your Newborn Session, an *optional Relationship Newborn Session, and a One Year Studio Session.

The full newborn session includes two blanket background choices and 2-3  flooring/background choices with a variety of several prop options chosen at the consultation.  This session is completely customized and can last 3-4+ hours as we will work with baby until we have an incredible session with all or most request from design consultation ideas. Generally, clients view around 40-50 images and finalize about 20-30 favorite images to order portraits and products from.

2. Mini Newborn Session Fee

The Mini Newborn Session is $185 + tax which includes one blanket choice and one flooring/background choice with a few prop options chosen by the client at the consultation. This session produces around 20-30 images to view and clients typically choose approximately 10-15 favorite images to order prints and products from.  The session is scheduled for 1.5-2 hours maximum. We strive for as much variety as possible during this time frame.

3. Model Newborn Session Package

The Model Newborn Session Package is a unique opportunity that is an all inclusive session fee/print package. This session is specifically created and designed by Photographic Designs based on new items we’ve recently purchased such as new blankets, backgrounds, outfits, and props as well as ideas/concepts we would like to start introducing into our regular available options.

*Be sure to contact the studio if you are interested to see if we have a current need/space available for a newborn model and what package option we have available.*

Schedule Your Consultation:

Next Step: Contact us to schedule your consultation!

Portrait and Product Pricing

Portrait and Product Information

Portraits and Products are purchased in addition to session fees. We work with a variety of clients with different wants, needs, budgets, and final display goals for their session and therefore do not have set packages.

We believe it is extremely important to provide our clients with the highest quality experience and products from start to finish. From designing the style of your session, spending the time needed for the perfect session, customizing beautiful final displays, albums, and gifts, to working with our professional print and album labs to provide quality heirloom products for our clients to take home to cherish.

We do, of course understand the desire and need, especially for newborn clients to want their digital files for safekeeping through the years.  All images ordered with Photographic Designs through print or album products receive those images as social media files (low resolution w/logo files for online sharing at no charge).  Back Up options for copyright released previously ordered files are available with a minimum purchase order.

Most of our clients choose to order a wall display for their home, a custom 20-30 image album, as well as a series of gifts and boutique options from their Newborn Session Images through Photographic Designs.

At the pre-session consultation, we will go over all portrait product options, styles, and pricing information as we have quite a bit to offer and something perfectly suited for everyone!


Newborn Session FAQs

1. How old should baby be for the session?

We work with newborns 5-10 days old if at all possible. Time in NICU and early arrival babies have a bit longer window of course!

2. What if baby is past 10 days old?

Often times, we recommend a mini newborn or relationship newborn session for babies past 15 days old. They are much more alert with longer bouts of being awake.  The mini session for older babies is best for a few swaddle images or a relationship image series where they are more likely to be settled and sleepy in mom and dad’s arms.

3. When should I schedule my consultation?

Right away. This gives you a chance to go over all of the products and pricing, meet, see the studio location, and plan out the design concept for your newborn session. If at all possible, it is best to schedule weeks to months prior to your due date. However, contact us as soon as possible before baby’s birth or as soon as possible after baby has arrived.

4. Do you offer digital files?

All images ordered from us in print or album format are then available for different versions of digital files. Social media files files are included complimentary for clients from all print/album ordered images. Copyright Released images are available through various forms of Back Up Options that may be purchased at the time of your order appointment.

5. How much should I budget for Newborn Portraits?

We have clients with many different needs, wants, and budgets and therefore do not have set packages. Most clients choose to order wall portrait displays, custom albums of favorite images, a series of gifts and table top sized portraits, announcements, and their USB Back Up.

Clients often budget $800 – $2500+.

6. Do you offer payment plans?

We offer a variety of payment plan options to space out your investment to allow for clients to truly order what they most want.  We also offer an online gift registry for family and friends to apply credit directly to a Newborn Client account to use towards their purchases.

6. I have other questions. What should I do?

Time to set up the complimentary consultation!  Contact us so we can get you on the schedule to talk further about your session choice, design concept, along with portrait print and product options. We look forward to meeting with you soon!

Relationship Portraits

A complimentary mini session can be added to your newborn’s session to incorporate the first milestone family portrait. We encourage parents and siblings to come back in a few days after the newborn session to capture the special new bonds of the family through close, simple, and interactive images.


One Year Portraits

What better way to capture how much they have grown than through a One Year Session to compliment their newborn images. Photographic Designs includes a studio One Year Portrait session as part of  your newborn session fee.  During this session, we focus on their many expressions and how much they have grown, often utilizing props from their newborn portraits. This is a great time to incorporate the sweet and fun smash cake images as well!

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